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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I unable to login with my credentials?

Please enter your email id as a username.The email id should match with the one which you have provided for registration.Please write to us at [email protected] for any issues.

2. What is Uday?

Uday is a digital education platform that provides targeted training and knowledge resources to assist students and working professionals with learning about the latest FinTech concepts

Keeping up with the global trend of revolutionizing financial services through technology, the Government of Maharashtra state formulated a FinTech policy in 2018 that envisages to develop Mumbai as a Global FinTech hub in the coming years. The Talent and Education work stream was one of the several initiatives started to operationalize this policy. This work stream intended to construct a FinTech Educational Platform, which was to host easy-to-use educational courses covering various sought after technical, functional and miscellaneous skill-sets.

The platform was named Uday (meaning ‘rise’ in Hindi).

3. Who is Uday for?

Uday aims to act as a ‘gateway platform’ for students to enter the world of FinTech by providing basic courses in a very wide breadth of subject topics under the FinTech domain.

The key target segments of the platform are envisaged to be:

1.Undergraduate students-

They would use Uday to learn the basics of financial as well as technical knowledge and skills. This knowledge would prove beneficial when working at FinTech firms at entry level positions. The Uday would target budding entrepreneurs by making them equipped with the basic building blocks of knowledge on which to build innovative products and startups.

2.Postgraduate students in non- FinTech related streams-

They could use the Uday to gain knowledge on subjects outside their domain, for cross-functional roles.

3.Working professionals in the financial industry

Financial industry professionals who have been working in traditional roles for several years could use the Uday to keep at pace with the new technological developments in their industry

4. How are the courses on Uday structured?

All courses on Uday are self-paced, allowing the reader, and not the instructor, to be in the driver’s seat and control their learning pace. This would provide higher flexibility and customization of the learning to match individual reader needs. As a result, there would be higher reflection into and retention of the concepts by the reader. Each course would be followed by an examination to assess the conceptual understanding of the course by the reader. This would be a progressive test that would consist of multiple choice type questions of varying difficulty levels from different sections of the course. Passing the test would mark the successful completion of the course. To incentivize readers to successfully complete courses, an online certification would also be provided at the end of each course, marking its completion. This certificate would be provided by Maharashtra IT Corporation Limited, Government of Maharashtra. This certification would act as an effective motivator for readers to register to Uday and develop interest in the FinTech field along the way.

5.What was the approach for developing the course content on Uday?

Courses on Uday have been developed, and their content tailored, in collaboration with professionals from the industry and educational institutions. The topics to be covered in the course modules, have been selected after extensive deliberation with professionals and influencers from the FinTech, as well as finance industry in India, to match the skills and knowledge domains that are in the most demand in the industry. Reputed faculty from participating institutes, specializing in the FinTech domain, have acted in an advisory role for course content development and pedagogy review.

This has led to the development of specific courses that will help the reader learn the most relevant and applicable concepts from an industry perspective, in-turn making these readers desirable candidates for employment in FinTech roles in the Indian financial industry. Uday thus acts as a stepping stone for students and professionals alike, to enter the FinTech field.

6.How do I sign up to Uday?

To sign up, you can visit www.fintecheducation.com, Uday’s official website. Register on Uday to get easy access and regular updates on your favorite content and FinTech discussions. Find the register button on the main page and enter a few basic details for the creation of your user. Post that, you will enter your personal home page where you can access your favorite courses and new additions.

7.Is there an Uday App?

Currently, Uday does not have a mobile application but it would be out soon

8.What are the courses available on Uday?

There is currently 1 course available on Uday – FinTech Level 1 – with the following modules:

1. Introduction to FinTech
2. Technology in FinTech
3. Digital Banking
4. Digital Payments
5. Digital Lending
6. Cyber security in FinTech
7. WealthTech
8. Open Banking
9. RegTech
10. Open Banking for NeoBank
11. Account Aggregator

9.How are the courses on Uday priced?

All courses in the first phase are beginner level courses, and are free of cost.

10.Is there an assessment for each course?

Each course on the platform would have a multiple choice type test at the end. Your score in this test would be displayed on your certificate. You can only take the test for a course once- your first score would be printed on your certificate.

11.How do I access my certificate?

Once you successfully complete a course, a ‘Download certificate’ option would appear above the course window- you can access your certificate whenever you like. Your certificate would mark your course completion and display your test score.

12.Where can I use my Uday certificate??

The courses on Uday are certified by the Maharashtra Government and thus could be used as valid certificate on your resume. Since the certification is in topics from the FinTech domain, financial institutions, banks and FinTech firms would value this certification the most.

13.For any queries, who do I reach out to?

Write to us at ‘[email protected]’ for any issues related to Uday. Your queries would be resolved over email. You can also reach out to,

Rahul Kankaria
Lead FinTech Technology,
Government of Maharashtra (Maharashtra IT),
7th Floor, World Trade Center One,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai